Laura Notari (Brand Ambassador – Netherlands)

Laura Notari (Brand Ambassador – Netherlands)

Full Name: Laura Notari
National: Netherlands
Birthday Celebration: Wish her on June 6th ⭐
Designation at FWAG: Brand Ambassador - Netherlands


Laura Notari is an abstract artist. She was born and raised in Argentina and, she is living in The Netherlands. During her entire life, she studied with several renowned painters and plastic artists. She has been engaged in painting, drawing, glasswork, ceramics, and sculpture during her career. She attempts to understand the world through many artistic expressions. She is free and intuitive in painting, and she acknowledges that art can change the way we think.

From an early age, she demonstrated an innate artistic talent and continued to bring her creative passion to fruition. She paints to express herself but it’s also important to her to create something pleasing to the eye. She loves working with acrylics and inks adding different textures like papers, fabrics, and wood, that are inspired and revealing the expressive elements of nature, light, texture, and colours that have a very vibrant vibe.



03.2018 – Art and Crafts Professor (Netherlands)

Scope of role:
*Art and crafts classes for adults and kids;
*Special Workshops;

03.2004 – 02.2018 Art and Crafts Professor (Argentina)

Scope of role:
*Art and crafts classes for adults and kids;
*Special Workshops;



08.2016 – 12.2020 Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK)
Field: Arts
Major: Fine Arts
03.2007 – 12.2011 Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales
Major: Bachelor Degree in Accountancy
03.1999 – 11.2002 Escuela de Enfermeria de la Cruz Roja Argentina
Field: Health/Medicine
Major: Surgical Assistant


2022 – Actually – Art&Pictures – Gallery Online – The Netherlands
2021 – Actually – Galleria Balmain - Virtual Exhibition – London, UK
2021 – Actually – Kang Art Gallery – Virtual Exhibition – The Hague, The Netherlands
2021 – Actually – International Association of Visual Artists IAVA - International Virtual Exhibition of Contemporary Art “A Help II” IAVA 2021 – Florence, Italy
2021 – September – ART Laren – Exhibition Gallery Domo Eclectica, Laren, The Netherlands
2021 – September – October – Art & Jazz Foundation – Exhibition Gallery Verf Verweij Frames, The Hague, The Netherlands
2021 – September – October – Online Exhibition “OPENING” – Sergio Gomez Curates, Chicago, USA
2021 – September – Contest “Plumas y Pinceles recreando La Boca” – Art Out Argentina – Artistic Community – Prize: 2nd Mention “La Boca Abstracta” Mixed Media on Paper
2021 – August - October – Virtual Exhibition #StopAAPIHate – Sergio Gomez Curates, Chicago, USA
2021 – June – Virtual Intake Interview – Gallery Miami Art Mob, Miami, USA
2021 – June – Virtual Artists 2020 Gallery – Summer Art Festival, Essex, UK
2021 – May/June - Stichting Grafein – International Print Mail Art Project Exhibition, “See Things in Perspective”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2021 – The Holy Art Gallery – OBLIVION Exhibition, London, UK
2021 – The Holy Art Gallery – INFINITY Exhibition, London, UK
2021 – Gallery Dark Yellow Dot – Artist of the Month (April), London, UK
2021 – Gallery Blue Cormorant, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2021 – London Art Biennale, London, UK
2021 – Gallery One 962
2021 – Gallery Cool Art Movement, Rome, Italy
2021 – Online Gallery VCZ



Training and courses:

2021 – Actually – Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Art Now: Contemporary Art Since 1990, Online Classes, New York, USA
2019 – Actually - Tracy Verdugo Painting Online Classes, Sydney, Australia
2021– Actually – Painting Training Online Classes - Escuela de Arte Fernanda Rovarella, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2021 – In the studio: Postwar Abstract Painting Course – The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
2021 – Modern Art & Ideas: Teaching with Themes Course – The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
2021 – Healing with the Arts Course – University of Florida
2021 – Ignite your Everyday Creativity Course – The State University of New York
2020 – Modern and Contemporary Art and Design Course Specialization – The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
2019 - Painting Training Classes – Abstract Art – Alik Assatrian, The Netherlands

  • Languages:
    Spanish – native
    English– advanced
    Dutch / Portuguese / Italian – basic

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