The Journey: First Wish Art Gallery LLC is an international art gallery based in Georgia. It was founded in November 2020 by Mr. Irshad Husain. The co-owner of the gallery is Ms. Mariami Simashvili from Georgia.

Our gallery offers a hassle-free platform for purchasing original art internationally. Connecting with talented and renowned artists from around the world has never been easier through our services.

We collaborate with independent artists, as well as other galleries, auction houses, interior designers, architects, and corporations, to bring you an extraordinary collection of artwork.

When it comes to independent artists, we carefully select individuals with national recognition and global potential. Whether they are emerging talents or established figures in the international art market, all our artists undergo a thorough selection process.

We are thrilled to share that our project Mission World Tour Exhibitions have successfully begun, showcasing the remarkable works of artists from around the globe.

This extraordinary project involves organizing 30 exhibitions in 30 countries, providing a platform to showcase the diversity and creativity of artists worldwide.

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey as we continue to showcase the diversity and creativity of artists from different countries during our Mission World Tour Exhibitions.


Thank you for supporting us in this journey!!


Team First Wish Art Gallery


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