FWAG ArtShip Express

Introducing the Ultimate Logistics Solution! Unbeatable Efficiency, Seamless Operations, and Cost-Effective Shipping!

An initiative  By First Wish Art Gallery !

Ship your art from Dubai, UAE or Georgia to international exhibition venues hassle-free.

For just 55 Euro, as of now, our exclusive service supports the Mission World Tour Exhibitions Project

Art work Size  Limit:  Submit your artwork; size must be less thank 80×80 CM, including stretch on canvas.

Step 1: Pay Online – Step 2: Complete the Form


We provide shipping assistance for international exhibitions through our “FWAG ArtShip Express” Shipping Handling Service.

  1. If artists are unable to travel but wish to exhibit artwork internationally, we offer the option of shipping assistance upon request.

  2. Depending on the specific exhibition, our shipping services may be provided free of charge or with a nominal fee of 55 Euros. This fee, if applicable, covers various services associated with transportation, including airport packing, airport transportation, and related logistical support, excluding customs fees.

  3. Artwork size must be less than 80×80 CM only, including Stretch on Canvas. Please use cardboard and bubble wrap packing.

  4. Return of artwork after the exhibition is possible within 90 days according to our gallery schedule.

  5. Important: First Wish Art Gallery is not responsible for any damage, misplacement, or theft of artworks during the exhibition, as well as during transport by any couriers, shipping companies, or airlines.

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