FWAG International Online Art Contest - 4th Edition

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the FWAG INTERNATIONAL Online Art Contest – 4th edition! 🏆✨

🥇 1st Winner: Mr. Nugzar Tamarashvili 
Winning Entry: “For Unique Signature and Concept”

🥈 2nd Winner: Ms. Aisha Ismail 
Winning Entry: “For Good Technical Performance”

🥉 3rd Winner: Mr. Hideyo Kotsugai 
Winning Entry: “For Unique Art Technique”

A heartfelt congratulations to our talented winners! Each entry showcased exceptional creativity and skill.

✅ Big thanks to Ms. Audrey Keenan, a renowned Master Artist from Edinburgh, for being a stellar jury member.

Dear Audrey, Your expertise elevated the judging process, and we’re grateful for your commitment to excellence.


1st Winner: Free Registration @ Municipal House Prague, Prague City
2nd Winner: Free Registration @ Telavi History Museum, Georgia
3rd Winner: 50% Discount for One International Exhibition Registration

✨ All other participants:
Don’t worry, your creativity hasn’t gone unnoticed! You’ll receive a 20% discount for one international exhibition of your choice.

Terms and Conditions:
All prizes and discounts are valid for one year from the announcement date. After one year, they will be null and void.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated and made this edition unforgettable! 

Stay tuned for more exciting contests and opportunities on our creative journey together.

          Thank you so much for joining us, and your kind support always motivates us to do more for you!

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