Call for Artists - Join Us at Municipal House Prague Exhibition!

Are you an artist looking for a remarkable opportunity to showcase your talent on an international stage? Look no further!

First Wish Art Gallery LLC is thrilled to announce its upcoming exhibition at the prestigious Municipal House in Prague, scheduled from July 22 to 25, 2024.

Why Participate?

  1. Prime Location: Municipal House Prague is an iconic cultural landmark known for its architectural splendor and rich history. Your artwork will be displayed in the heart of one of Europe’s most enchanting cities, attracting art enthusiasts, collectors, and tourists from around the globe.

  2. Global Exposure: Be part of an exhibition that captures the attention of the international art community. Your creations will have the chance to gain recognition beyond borders and reach new horizons.

  3. Curated Excellence: First Wish Art Gallery is committed to presenting exceptional artworks. Our esteemed curators will ensure that your pieces receive the attention they deserve, creating an atmosphere of artistry and elegance.

  4. Diverse Artistic Expression: We welcome artists from all backgrounds and mediums. Embrace the opportunity to connect with like-minded creatives and experience the diversity of artistic expression.

  5. Prominent Marketing: Our extensive marketing efforts will promote both the event and your individual artistry. Benefit from exposure across various media platforms, generating buzz and interest.

Point to be noted about Registration:

✅ Registration based on “First Come, First Served”

✅Registration Fee is 400 Euro for 1 Art work per artist (Art work Size must be less than 80 x 80 CM)

✅ Two Art works – 600 Euro

✅ Overseas Bank Transfer charges or Paypal deduction amount should be paid by artist while processing payment.

✅ 20 % First Wish Art Gallery commission on each sell during the exhibition.

✅ Each artist should take care of transportation & logistic and should submit art work 2 days before opening day for installation

✅ Our gallery reserves all rights to reject art works if found inappropriate or broken at the time of installation for any kind of reasons.

✅ First Wish Art Gallery LLC does not have a refund policy. On cancellation, the gallery will retain the remaining amount as a credit towards a future booking which can be used for registration within one year from the date of payment by the same artist/client only.
Guidelines: Please ask for Gallery BANK ACOUNT NUMBER or Use below mentioned Gallery PAYPAL.

Once the registration fee has been processed, kindly proceed to fill out the online intake form.

Thank you so much for joining us, and your kind support always motivates us to do more for you!

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