PROJECT 10: A part of the Mission World Tour Exhibition Project

What is Project 10?

Project 10 is a group booking cost-saving package option and an integral part of the ‘MISSION WORLD TOUR EXHIBITIONS PROJECT,’ aiming to showcase 10 international art exhibitions across various countries.

Benefits of Joining Project 10

1. Freedom of Choice: Project 10 artists now have the exciting opportunity to choose any 10 countries from our list of 30 for their exhibitions.

2. Maximize Your Savings: Project 10 member artists can enjoy significant savings by opting for a group booking of 10 exhibitions instead of joining individual exhibitions. Paying only 1500 EUR for all 10 exhibitions translates to just 150 EUR per country.

3. FWAG Comission Percentage: Members of Project 10 receive a discount and only needs to share 15% as FWAG commission on each sale during world tour exhibitions.

4. Alternate Exhibition Opportunity: In cases where artists are unable to physically participate or ship their artwork on time, “Project 10” demonstrates its dedication to artists by offering an alternative exhibition opportunity.

5. Free Contest Entry: Members of Project 10 artists enjoy the benefit of free entry between their 1st and 10th exhibitions in all FWAG International Online Contests.

Registration Fee: 1500 Euro: Once the registration fee has been processed, kindly proceed to fill out the online intake form.”

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