PROJECT 10: A part of the Mission World Tour Exhibition Project

“Project 10” is a captivating component of the “MISSION WORLD TOUR EXHIBITION PROJECT,” which embarks on a journey to present 10 international art exhibitions in different countries.

Global Reach and Artistic Autonomy:
As part of the “MISSION WORLD TOUR EXHIBITION PROJECT,” “Project 10” grants artists the freedom to choose any 10 countries where they wish to exhibit their artwork. This empowering feature ensures that artists can tailor their participation to align with their artistic vision, preferences, and personal convenience.

Artwork Specifications:
To comply with airline travel guidelines and ensure seamless logistics, all artwork dimensions for “Project 10” exhibitions must not exceed 80 x 80 cm. This size restriction facilitates easy transportation, allowing artists to present their masterpieces with minimal hassle across diverse international locations.

Contingency Measures for Artists:
Recognizing the uncertainties artists may face, “Project 10” is committed to providing flexibility and support. If any participating artist is unable to attend a physical exhibition or send their artwork via shipping, they can notify the project organizers through an official email at least 30 calendar days before the opening day of the exhibition.

Alternate Exhibition Opportunity:
In cases where artists are unable to physically participate or ship their artwork on time, “Project 10” demonstrates its dedication to artists by offering an alternative exhibition opportunity. This ensures that artists’ creative endeavors are still showcased and celebrated, even if unforeseen circumstances prevent their participation in a specific exhibition.

Collaborative and Networking Opportunities:
Beyond the exhibition platform, “Project 10” fosters a spirit of artistic collaboration and networking among participating artists. This international community becomes a source of inspiration, idea exchange, and potential future collaborations, extending beyond the duration of the project.

Mission World Tour Exhibition Project Vision:
As a core component of the “MISSION WORLD TOUR EXHIBITION PROJECT,” “Project 10” holds a vision of nurturing cultural appreciation, fostering creative dialogue, and leaving a lasting artistic legacy in each country it visits. Through this grand endeavor, the project aims to strengthen the global artistic community and promote cross-cultural understanding through the universal language of art.

In conclusion, “Project 10” emerges as a remarkable platform that offers artists unparalleled opportunities for international exposure. Affiliated with the “MISSION WORLD TOUR EXHIBITION PROJECT,” it provides artistic autonomy, flexibility, and support to creators, ensuring their art transcends borders, inspires diverse audiences, and contributes to the rich tapestry of global artistry.


Registration Fee $1500 + Overseas Transfer Fee: Once the registration fee has been processed, kindly proceed to fill out the online intake form.

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