Kaori Sakaguchi

Kaori Sakaguchi


Status at FWAG: Brand Ambassador (Japan)

About the Artist:
Japanese artist based in Fukuoka since 2019
Internationally awarded artist
Honorary Member 2022 of the

Academia ITALIA in Arte NelMondo
Associations Culturale (based in Brindisi, Italy)
education : self taught


Kaori Sakaguchi was Born in Aichi but moved to many places in childhood and currently lives in Fukuoka, Japan
Kaori obtained BA in English literature and linguistics. Though no artistic education, she has devoted herself to be a contemporary artist who deserve many selection and award for numerous exhibition in Japan and outside Japan like Italy,
Thailand, Switzerland, Canada, Germany Exhibition.

She was selected to Numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally such as Tokyo, Italy, Thailand, Switzerland. International awarded artist In the year 2021 and 2022, her pictures were exhibited in several museums at Tokyo and Nara,
Fukuoka, Japan.

Artist statement (artist about artworks)

In our life, a great emotional event is a symbol of wealth. In my picture, I always focus
on emotional movement in my heart.

With a Japanese brush pen and unique color composition, she translates objects in her unique view, creates her own world in beautiful balance. Which is narrative to audience and recall energetic power from their heart.

She wish she can be a storyteller of beauty of life through her art. she also hope to realize her decipline that art has no boarder, by carrying out international activities.

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